What to Do If Norton Internet Security Blocking Wi-Fi?

In today’s tech-savvy world, there is so much malware and cyber miscreants exploiting the cyber world with their all kinds of dangerous malware and viruses. It is very important to secure your device by installing a security software to fight against this malware. The best solution is Norton AntiVirus software, which works in any kind of device, be it your desktop or android version.

It is normal if you face some kind of issue while using a software. One of the common issues in this software is Norton Internet Security Blocking WiFi. If you are facing this problem then follow the steps to eradicate this problem:

Step 1 – Open Norton and go to Settings.

Step 2 – There click on the Firewall.

Step 3 – In the General Settings tab which is next to the Smart Firewall, turn it off by sliding it.

Step 4 – Then go to the Protection Alert box, click Apply, and then click Permanently.

Step 5 – Click OK.

Now you might be able to connect to the Wi-Fi. If the problem still persists, then call the toll-free number  +18555583999.

March 8, 2018
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