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How To Uninstall Norton 360 Antivirus?
March 8, 2018
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March 8, 2018
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How To Reinstall Norton Security?

reinstall norton

Norton internet security is one of the popular internet security programs, which protects your system from intruding networks, spyware, virus infected emails, and hackers. It also safeguards you from anti-spamming and even blocks unauthorized programs from using the internet. If you confronting problems with your Norton antivirus such as crashing, freezing, updating and Norton security installation problems, then it may be chances that program is corrupted or required to be reinstalled. Uninstalling and reinstalling the antivirus program makes sure that setup & performance issues are solved to keep your system perform properly. Here, you will get to know how to reinstall Norton internet security program.


How To Reinstall Norton Security Program?

You can reinstall Norton program on your computer in two different ways and they are mentioned below.


  1. Uninstall & Reinstall Norton Program

Uninstall Norton Internet Security

  • On your system, click the start button and choose control panel
  • Now, double-click add or remove programs on the control panel window
  • Scroll down the newly opened page and highlight Norton internet security, click remove
  • Click next button to confirm uninstall operation. Once the uninstallation completes, restart your device to remove the antivirus completely

Reinstall Norton Internet Security

To Reinstall Norton Security, Follow Below Mentioned Steps.

  • Place your Norton CD in your computer CD-ROM
  • When the install window opens, click install product name under the internet security title
  • Press next to continue installing the program and restart the device when it asks
  • Go to the Norton Symantec store order status page when you purchased product download online and type in your product order number & password to log in
  • Now, click the start button and follow the instruction to install the program.


  1. Download And Run Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool

With this method, you can reinstall Norton using Norton remove and reinstall tool. Most of the Norton products uninstalls with the Norton remove and reinstall tool, and then reinstalls the latest product version. Before proceeding further, you have following things to reinstall Norton.

  • Internet connection
  • Norton reinstall tool that does not remove Norton family/utilities and identity safe local vault

Download and Run Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool

  • To reinstall Norton 360, first, you have to download Norton remove & reinstall tool on your computer
  • Press Ctrl + J key to open the downloads window in your browser
  • Then, double-click the NRnR icon
  • After that, read the license agreement and then click agree on button
  • Now, click remove and reinstall button Note: You may even see the remove button when your Norton program is from your service provider
  • Press continue or remove button
  • Finally, click restart now


Our Norton Support Number Will Help You In Reinstalling Norton Security

Once the device restarts, you have to follow the instructions displayed on the screen to reinstall Norton program on your computer properly. After reinstalling the program, if you still facing problems, then contact Norton support service +18555583999 to seek assistance. They will help you to solve all the Norton Security installation problems completely. We are always there to provide you with the best services for Norton Software. Call us and get everything resolved quickly!

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