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Why Is My Norton Toolbar Missing?

Norton toolbar missing

The more the threats to the Wi-Fi systems increase, the more our security walls go up. But you have nothing to worry about the security issues as when it comes to internet security you have already strengthened it enough by using the high-tech intelligence of the Norton Security systems. Even after performing all the necessary steps of installation of the Norton Products, the customers frequently have the query that Norton toolbar missing. Generally, the toolbar is installed along with the products. But there are certain browsers for which it has to be separated from the web store. Fret not, your Norton identity safe toolbar missing is not a major issue. Know the right way, and you can get the toolbar installed in no time.


Getting Norton Help In Installing The Toolbar For Chrome

So, you have installed the software, and everything is up and running. However, the toolbar is still not visible. Of course, the toolbar is enabled, but you still cannot see it. Sounds familiar? The shortest solution to Norton toolbar missing in chrome is restarting the computer one or two times, and the toolbar is visible again. Otherwise, try the following steps:

  • Go to the detailed settings option from settings
  • Click on identity safety and then on configure
  • Click on the settings tab at the bottom of identity safe window
  • Click on install extension from the General tab
  • Follow the instructions to solve the issue of Norton toolbar missing in chrome


Getting The Toolbar In Internet Explorer

Now that the issue of Norton toolbar missing in chrome has been dealt with let us shift the focus to the other popular browser, the internet explorer. Norton identity safe toolbar missing internet explorer has an even easier solution than other browsers. Perform the following steps and solve your problem of internet explorer Norton toolbar missing in no time.

  • Select the manage add-on option from the IE toolbar
  • Enable the Norton toolbar from the current add-on
  • Check the condition of the software’s identity protection
  • Enable the identity protection if you find it disabled.
  • Close the dialogue boxes and restart IE.

Yes, believe it or not, solving the problem of Norton toolbar missing is as easy as this for any browser you use. You do not even need to be too tech-savvy to get the toolbar back. If you are still unsure, there is always Norton help to help you out.


Ensuring Further Help In The Case Of The Missing Toolbar

If the mystery of the missing toolbar still remains unsolved to you, take the assistance of Norton help. The center offers superior customer support at all hours of the day. Simply call up the tech support number- +18555583999, and share your problems regarding Norton toolbar missing. The experienced agent sitting on the other side of +18555583999 will patiently listen to your problem and assist you in solving it. The Norton support is one of the best in the world when it comes to responsiveness to the customers.

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