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March 8, 2018
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Norton Power Eraser Review – How To Run It On PC?

norton power eraser review

Norton Power Eraser is a state-of-the-art free crimeware removal security software developed by Symantec. Norton Power Eraser easily removes intensely rooted and difficult to remove viruses, malware, and spyware that the traditional malware scanning cannot detect. If you find that, your regular security software is unable to remove or even detect persistent malware, crimeware, rougueware or rootkits, then there is no need to blow your top off, you can switch to Norton Power Eraser to target and eliminate the greater risks. In this Norton Power Eraser review, we will be covering all the bases of the security software.

Is Norton Power Eraser Safe?

Norton Power Eraser provides aggressive analysis and scanning to determine the issues and errors with the infected Windows system. This tool is helpful with its on-line scan and can detect things that other sans skips or miss. However, one of the Norton Power Eraser problems include the tool marking files as ‘BAD’ that actually are not ‘BAD.’

Nevertheless, it is not dangerous, no malware or any virus, given that you have downloaded it from Norton’s official website. However, one thing that will sting you is the tool telling you that all your files are bad and requires immediate removal.

So, be on full alert while scanning your system as if you obey what it is telling you, it will delete all your important files from the system even before you know.

Run Norton Power Eraser In Safe Mode

You can download Norton Power Eraser directly from the company website. You can run Norton Power Eraser tool in safe mode to tackle all the threats and issues if you have a security product like Symantec.

If you find it difficult to run the tool in normal mode, then the option of running it in safe mode is always available.

STEP 1: Start Your System In Safe Mode With Networking

  • Close all the programs and operations running
  • Open Run dialog box (click Windows + r keys)
  • Type ‘msconfig’ and hit ENTER > in the User Account Control window > click Yes and Continue
  • Go to System Configuration > tick Safe boot and choose Network > OK
  • Your system will ask you to reboot > click Restart

STEP 2: Download And Run Norton Power Eraser

  • Click Norton Power Eraser link to download the tool
  • Double-click the downloaded link and click Run
  • The license agreement window will pop out, click Accept
  • Open Norton Power Eraser, select Scan for Risks button
  • Restart your system
  • Once the system is restarted, Norton Power Eraser tool will automatically perform the scan

STEP 3: For Restarting The System In Normal Mode Again, Follow STEP 1

  • All you have to do is go to System Configuration > uncheck Safe boot and choose Network > click OK

If You Experience- Norton Power Eraser Not Working

SOLUTION 1: Restart your System
  • Close all the running operations and programs
  • Restart
SOLUTION 2: Run LiveUpdate
  • Start Norton Power Eraser
  • Go to Security > select LiveUpdate > Ok
  • Exit all the programs > Reboot your system

Norton Power Eraser User Reviews

Norton Power Eraser tool comes with aggressive threat detection features. It removes malware that restricts antivirus software installed.


  • Cleans up system
  • Removes threats that other antivirus software miss


  • Its aggressive features may harm the non-malicious programs and files as well

Norton Customer Service Chat Support @ +18555583999

Norton Customer Service Chat is the easiest way to get connected with our highly efficient Norton technicians. We recommend expert advice and professional advice to all our customers. If you need any information or update regarding your Norton Power Eraser review, just click on the technical support number- +18555583999 and get instant solution. In our Norton Power Eraser review, we have covered all the aspects of the security software. In case, if you feel like missing out on anything, our customer care executives at this number will help you. We are the trained professionals from a reputed organization who offers 24/7 customer services to the Norton users.

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