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How To Clone Disk By Disk Using Norton Ghost Clone Hard Drive?

norton ghost clone hard drive

We at Norton have got an ultimate solution for your problem and you will be really happy to know this solution of Norton ghost clone hard drive:


Problem Statement For Norton ghost Clone Hard Drive :

When you want to use Ghost for copying or cloning one disk to another disk on the same computer, you plan to use the second drive in either one of the following ways
1. As the primary drive on the same computer.
2. As the primary drive on some other computer.
3. As a backup for the first drive, you plan to remove the second drive from the computer and keep it in storage.

Ghost refers to this particular function as a Norton ghost clone disk. The disk from which you are copying is called the source disk, and the disk to which you are copying is called the destination disk /target disk. The entire contents of the source disk, which includes both partitioned and non-partitioned space, overwrite the entire contents on the destination disk.

Note: Do not start the computer after cloning. Booting a computer from the Norton clone hard drive when the computer has two hard drives with Primary Active partitions can result into damage for program installations and trigger configuration changes on both source and destination that can be reversed with restoring from backups only.

Solution To Norton Ghost Clone Hard Drive

To Perform Norton Ghost HDD Clone:

  1. Create a Ghost boot disk  Start the computer using the Ghost boot disk. This must automatically start Ghost.
  2. Click OK when the Ghost screen appears.
  3. In the main Ghost menu, perform one of the following actions:
  • Local: Click on Local> Disk> on disk.
  • Point-to-point connection: click Point-to-point> Disc> to disk.
  1. In the Source Drives dialog box, select the source disk. The Source Device dialog box shows the details of each disk that Ghost.exe finds on the local computer.
  2. In the Destination Drives dialog box, select the destination disk. Choose carefully as this is the disc that will be overwritten. If a point-to-point connection method is used, the destination disk can be any of the disks of the slave computer. However, if it is a local disk-to-disk copy, the source disk is not available for selection.
  3. Click OK.
  4. When “Proceed with the disk clone?” The message appears, do one of the following:
  • Click yes to continue to clone the disk. The system performs an integrity check of the file structure on the source disk and then copies the source disk to the destination. If you need to stop the process, press Ctrl + C, but note that this leaves the destination disk in an unknown state. Ghost now copies the source disk to the destination disk. When finished, Ghost will show a window indicating that the process is finished.
  • Click No to return to the menu.
  1. Click yes if you are sure you want to continue. The destination disk is overwritten without the possibility of recovering any data.
  2. Click OK. This returns Ghost to the main Ghost menu.
  3. Click Exit.
  4. Remove the disk and turn off the computer.
  5. Physically remove the source or destination drive from the computer and then restart the computer. The removed hard disk can be installed on another computer, as long as the other computer does not have another hard disk installed as the active main unit.
  6. Restart the second computer and make sure the second hard disk starts up properly.


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