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March 8, 2018
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How To Get Rid Of Norton Error 3039?

Norton error 3039

Norton error 3039 is primarily a runtime error that occurs in a computer system while performing activation, installation, or any other operation of the antivirus software. Norton error 3039 has become a technical hot potato with many people talking about it. It is really frustrating when errors like this happen as it affects the performance of our system. In this post, we will give you a detailed analysis of Norton error 3039 including its symptoms, causes and a resolution.


What Are The Symptoms Of Norton Internet Security Error 3039?

There are several warning signs enough to alert you about the issue. Some of these include;

  • Your system freezes periodically for few seconds
  • Windows responds sluggishly to keyboard and mouse inputs
  • A pop-up window displays Norton security error 3039, 3039.1
  • Programs get crashed in the middle of an operation

Norton security error 3039, 3039.1 messages appear during the installation or activation of a program or during Windows shutdown or startup or even when Symantec Endpoint Protection software (Norton Antivirus) is still running. For troubleshooting this problem, you have to keep track of when and where this Norton 3039 Error occurs.


What Causes Norton Security Error 3039 And 3039.1?

These runtime errors can be caused due to a variety of factors, so troubleshooting each of the factors is utterly important.

  • When you have downloaded a corrupt version of the software or performed incomplete installation
  • The Windows registry might have got corrupted due to a recent antivirus-related change like install or uninstall
  • A malware or virus infection might have corrupted the Norton antivirus or Windows-related program files


Norton Auto Fix Error 3039 And Norton Error 3039.1 Resolution

If you have tried everything from the internet and still wasn’t able to resolve the issue, then you might be barking up the wrong tree. Below are the troubleshooting steps to resolve your error 3039 and error 3039.1 issues.


Solution 1: Repairing The Windows Registry Entries Linked With Error 3039 And Error 3039.1

  • Click Start button > in the search box, type ‘command’ > holding CTRL + Shift press ENTER
  • The Command Prompt dialog box will appear [a black box with a blinking underscore (_) cursor]
  • In the Command Prompt > type ‘regedit’ > ENTER
  • The Registry editor will open. Select the Error 3039 and Error 3039.1-related key which you want to backup
  • Go to File menu > select Export
  • Select Save In and browse the folder in which you want to store your Norton Antivirus backup key
  • Make sure that you have ticked the Selected Branch option in the Export Range box
  • Your backup file will be saved with a .reg extension

Solution 2: Conduct A Full Malware Scan Of Your System

There is a 90% possibility that your system is hit with a virus or malware attack. These malicious intruders can delete, corrupt or damage runtime error-related files generating issues like Norton error 3039 and Norton error 3039.1.

Solution 3: Undo ‘Recent System Changes’ Using Windows System Restore

  • Click Start button > type ‘system restore’ > press ENTER
  • Provide the administrative password if prompted
  • Follow the instructions in the Wizard to choose your desired restore point


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