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How To Fix Norton 360 If It Stopped Working?

norton 360 stopped working

Norton antivirus is one of the leading and world-renowned antiviruses for Windows PC on the market.  most of the files which are important for businesses of personal use are saved safely and stored free from prying eyes, viruses, hacks, and malware. Has your Norton 360 stopped working and crashed? Like all other online programs, Norton Antivirus can suddenly crash and stop responding. However, it can also be easily fixed.


Understanding The Crashing And Non-Responsiveness Of Norton Antivirus :

Sometimes when a user tries to open and run Norton antivirus, it may crash and stop responding altogether. Sometimes errors might occur along with a dialogue box that says the program has Norton antivirus has stopped responding. It is quite irritating and frustrating especially when the crashing occurs over and over again.


Repairing Of The Corrupted Files Of Norton Antivirus :

One of the main reasons for the crashing and non-responsiveness of Norton Antivirus is because it’s filing might have got corrupted during the opening or scanning process. In this case, in order to repair it,  you will need to fix them and then run these files through the northern fix tool. Download the Norton fix tool on the official website of Norton antivirus and save the downloaded file to your desired location on your PC.  Next, double-click on this downloaded file and choose to run the files containing the Norton fix tool. Read through the usage agreement and then click on except after you have read all of its terms and conditions. Now the Norton anti-virus fix tool begins its work of fixing and restoring the anti-virus files installed on your PC. Once this is done restart your computer.  Your antivirus will start working and responding well after the PC has restarted.

However if you find that the problem of the Norton antivirus not responding and constant crashes, by making use of the north and fix tool, then you will have to resort to other steps in order to get your Norton Antivirus up and responding well.


Norton Antivirus Basic Troubleshooting And Check Up :

Another step to solving the problem of the Norton Antivirus 360 not Working is to perform a basic troubleshooting and check-up the process. To do this you can log into your Norton account and sure whether your subscription and renewal are up to date and valid. If not, you should an update your Norton antivirus to the latest version that is available on the market. Make sure that Norton antivirus which you are downloading is of the latest version and is compatible with your Windows 10. Once you have downloaded, installed and updated your Norton antivirus to the latest version, you can restart your computer. If you are having any other antivirus software installed on your PC, it should be disabled immediately to make sure that the Norton Antivirus is functioning and responding properly.


Looking To Resolve Norton Issues – Dial Our Norton Phone Number

Norton customer support team is available to assist you 24/7 if you have any sort of queries in relation to the Norton 360 stopped working or require any sort of assistance or any sort of emergencies, or security hacks and issues, they are capable of answering and solving all of your security and antivirus problems. All you need to do is just dial our Norton phone number +18555583999 and an experienced professional will answer all of your questions and sort out your Norton 360 stopped working troubles on the Norton phone number +18555583999.

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